Sweet Home WiFi Picture Backup

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Description of Sweet Home WiFi Picture Backup

Saves time and images

This app automatically copies pictures and video files from your phone/tablet to your network drive (NAS), server, media centre, or home computer. You can set the app to do it automatically when you arrive home or set your device to charge. No USB wiring required, one less thing to steal your time. Using the WiFi network in your home.

- Automatically upload pictures into your computer when charging, or immediately when home.

- Automatically organize uploaded files in folders by the file dates.

- Supports wake on LAN (WOL) option is available to automatically start your computer when you come home.

Works great also with Instagram and other photo apps.

Free ALPHA test version.

This program is also available as a low-cost donate version, with select stable versions and no end user obligations.

The free version is for trying and testing, and is fully functional, but it may ask you to upgrade when there are newer ALFA versions available. If you do not like to be a tester over time or just want to show support, please buy the low-cost pay-for version once you have found it working satisfactory in your home.

Please continue to support and contribute by updating to the latest versions, reporting issues (to <a href=""></a>) and suggesting improvements.

In general, please share successes with the world, but more importantly - as goes for any Alpha-version tester, any found issues to <a href=""></a>.

Includes easy-to-follow Guide for getting started.

Permissions required:


This permission is required for the program to use the ip protocol in order to upload and synchronize images with your computer.


This permission is required for the program to access the storage on your device where camera images and video is stored.



These permissions are used by the program to check if you are on your home network (where the network share is likely to be available).


This permission is used by the program to keep the WiFi connections alive during long upload sessions if there are large amounts of data (unfortunately, not all devices respect this).


Protocol in use is CIFS/SAMBA

Maximum seen transfer rate is 4MB per second

Maximum number of files transferred in one batch is 2000

Maximum file size supported is over 1GB

Lazy evaluation of files that need transfer

User-selectable upload folder

User-selectable max upload frequency

User-selectable triggers (charging or WiFi connect & new picture taken)

Wake on LAN feature with Magic Packet technology.

Pretty lights come on in the house when properly connected.

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APK Version 4.191 alpha
Compatibility Android 2.1+ (Eclair)
Developer SweeSoft
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